We are refurbished iPhone wholesale supplier in France.

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Wholesale Refurbished iPhone: Reliable, Tested, Competitive Pricing & Fast Delivery

Refurbedwholesale specializes in wholesale refurbished iPhones. We sourced directly from top-tier carriers and refurb factory. We offer dropshipping and have warehouses in multiple countries (FR, IT, DE, ES) for fast delivery. Our products undergo rigorous testing and grading, ensuring customer satisfaction with competitive pricing and marginal VAT.

Hot Products

John Doe
Grade A

iPhone 11

64GB - 268€
128GB - 298€
Josh Clark
Grade A

iPhone 12 mini

64GB - 247€
128GB - 273€
Mary Jane
Grade A

iPhone 12 Pro

128GB - 450€
256GB - 482€

Refurbedwholesale sells legal and graded refurbished iPhones. Phones pass rigorous testing, with battery health above 85%. IMEI is cleaned, and phones are unlocked and ready-to-use.

We enjoy working on the services & products we provide as much as you need them.

High-Quality Level

Fast Delivery

Hassle-Free Payments

90-Day Warranty

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One-stop supply

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I appreciate Refurbedwholesale's strict grading policy, as it ensures that I receive only the highest quality products. I can trust that the products I receive will meet my standards and satisfy my customers.

Di*** Ramirez


The 90-day warranty offered by Refurbedwholesale gives me peace of mind knowing that I have ample time to test and evaluate the products I receive. It's a testament to their confidence in the quality of their products.

Johan*** Müller


The one-stop supply of iPhones has been a game-changer for me. Instead of having to source from multiple suppliers, I can get everything I need from one place. It saves me time and effort and allows me to focus on growing my business.

Mat*** Rossi

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